An immersive experience that combines many attractions into one.

The concept

The Adventure Hub is a structure that can combine any of Walltopia’s Active Entertainment attractions into a single build. It is the embodiment of Walltopia’s 23+ years of experience as an attractions manufacturer and experience maker.

It offers multiple business opportunities, streamlined operations, great safety levels, and exciting theming options.

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Full-on immersion

The Adventure Hub has a great theming and immersion potential due to its sheer size.

Featuring multiple attractions in its core, it allows the creation of a proper mini universe. We go to great lengths to realize our clients’ vision, going from the structure of the Hub through textures and flooring down to decorative props because we know that what makes or breaks immersion is the details.

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Design aimed at operational efficiency

The Adventure Hub is a wonder of design in the sense that its structure caters to the needs of visitors and operators at the same time.

The comprehensive approach to its conception greatly benefits the business and operational aspect of any venue in many ways.

Less staff – more visitors

The Adventure Hub utilizes space more efficiently than if each of its attractions was built separately. This translates into less staff and more visitors per square meter.

Its layout is conceived to optimize the flow of people—from the main entrance, the footpaths to each attraction are clear and instinctive. The layout also accounts for the potential queues during busy days.

Business Model

The entries of the different attractions are all located around the same space and create a sort of plaza which then offers multiple up-selling options.

The entry point of each attraction is designed to be enticing and bestow the plaza with a secondary advertising function.

Independent entry points to the attractions allow business owners to decide which business model suits them best. They can choose between the classic pay-per-ride and hourly models or even devise passes that grant access to predefined groups of attractions—the choice is theirs.

Evacuation routes

Conceiving all the attractions simultaneously means that they are all accounted for within a single safety envelope.

The same logic goes for the evacuation routes which are optimized and centralized for all the attractions within the Hub.

Access control

Extensive access control allows managers to specify which areas each staff member can access. All these elements contribute to greatly reduce risks in comparison to the same attractions built separately.

With the Adventure Hub, operators can put their mind at ease and focus on providing the best service possible to guests.

Belay line

The Adventure Hub is equipped with our original Continuous Belay line – a system that allows safe and easy movement through the course. It is highly durable and has a low maintenance cost.

Designed, built and tested in accordance with EN 795:2012 standard, type D. It also follows the dynamic test requirements of CEN/TS 16415:213.

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