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Turning ideas into projects

What to Expect

Our architects make sure the client’s initial concept is seamlessly turned into a functional design without losing sight of their requirements. Creativity is important, but at the end of the day, a climbing facility is a business venture and as such, it has to be successful in the long term.

With more than 23 years of expertise, you can be sure that our Architecture & Design Department has the attention to detail to guide you through design, planning and building regulations.

You decide how involved you would like to be throughout the development of your project.

Our responsibility is to develop a final result that fits your vision, is within budget and is delivered on time.

Our Architects Will:

  • Help you to define your project's objectives, identify the risks involved, and interpret your ideas on paper
  • Work with you to develop a design that will maximize your investment and will still be economically sound
  • Help you design a space that includes functional, technical, social, environmental, and aesthetic considerations
  • Make intelligent use of material, technology and lighting, to enhance the overall appeal of the facility
  • Provide complete architectural documentation, including drawings, plans, and technical specifications
  • Cover the engineering aspects of both the climbing wall and the building
  • Manage the installation phase by helping you to select suitable builders, obtain competitive prices for installation, monitor progress, health and safety on-site, arrange for the input of other design specialists, and oversee the co-ordination of the installation to its successful completion

Packages We Offer

Preliminary Design

Site Analysis

Basic layout

Concept Visualizations

Design Concept Text

Schematic Design (SD)

Architectural Plans, Elevations, Sections

Climbing Wall Design

3D Models

Photorealistic Visualizations

Design Concept Text

Design Development (DD)

The SD features plus:

Detailed Architectural Drawings (Site Plan, Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections)

Architectural Schedules and Quantity Data

Cost Estimation

Construction Documents (CD) Standard

Alle Features der EE plus:

Vollständige detaillierte Statikzeichnungen und -berechnungen (EuroCode)


Herstellung der Kletterwand



Bauunterlagen (BU) Premium

Die Premium-Option beinhaltet das Obige plus:

Vollständige detaillierte Zeichnungen und Berechnungen für Heizung, Lüftung und Klima (HLK)

Vollständige detaillierte Zeichnungen und Berechnungen für Sanitärinstallationen

Vollständige detaillierte Elektrozeichnungen und -berechnungen

Zeitpläne und Mengendaten für Architektur, Statik, HLK, Sanitär und Elektro

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