The Tree Course is the eye-catching attraction
your visitors will come looking for

The concept

The Tree Course is a ropes course with outstanding design. Unlike regular ropes courses that put the focus mainly on functionality, the Tree Course is also designed to captivate visitors’ attention. It combines a great physical challenge with an immersive experience no other ropes course can rival.

The structure

  • 1 to 3 levels of obstacles
  • Up to 96 obstacles
  • Viewing deck with a capacity of 100 people (2 & 3 levels versions)
  • Lift to make viewing deck accessible to wheelchair users
  • Multiple upselling add-ons options

Over 100 obstacles divided in 4 types


Bridges consist in horizontally connected elements and usually allow the participant to step on the rope which connects the floor elements. They tend to offer more width than the other types and are generally easier.


Platforms are made of individual elements. Participants must step on these to complete the obstacle. The size of the elements and the distance between them govern how hard these are. Both hands and feet are usually involved.


Traverses rely on vertically aligned elements which offer little to no width resulting in participants having to adopt a sideways motion to complete them. Alike platforms, traverses typically involve both feet and hands as well.


Specials, as the name suggests, refer to unique obstacles which are hard to put in a single category. These obstacles provide a mix of different experiences.



The Rollglider is an aerial roller coaster-zip line, designed to provide the feeling of free flying in a safe environment. The flight is not only enjoyed by thrill-seekers but also by people seeking novel and exciting experiences.

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QUICKjump Free Fall Device

The QUICKjump Free Fall device gives jumpers a thrilling free fall experience before softly catching them and lowering them onto the ground. It offers a secondary exit from the Tree; we recommend charging it as an extra on top of the price of the ticket.


The zipline add-on, similarly to the free-fall device, offers a secondary exit from the course to the visitors. This last rush of adrenaline acts as a “grand finale” and leaves a long-lasting impression on the visitors’ mind. We recommend charging it as an extra on top of the price of the ticket.

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Observation Binoculars

Reward your visitors with a way to enjoy the surrounding scenery once they’ve reached the top with our observations binoculars.

Next-gen belay system

The Tree Course comes with the next generation of our original Ropes Course Continuous Belay line – a system that allows safe and fluid movement through the course. It is highly durable and has a low maintenance cost. Currently pending certification, more info coming soon.

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