Even the youngest kids can play at a height
like never before - safely and unharnessed

Standard models

Cloud Climb is available in standard models. Its simple and functional design fits the environment of various facilities. All the displayed colors can be customized to fit a desired look.

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Custom models

Aside from the multiple standard structures, custom Cloud Climb can also be developed to meet the needs of specific projects and clients.

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The concept

Cloud Climb is а little gem in our portfolio— especially designed for the little ones.

A cross between the classic playground and a maze, this unharnessed attraction allows 4 to 14-year-old kids to experience a unique feeling of freedom; much like jumping from cloud to cloud.

Cloud Climb is available in standard and custom models and meets EN 1176 – playground safety standards.


Cloud Climb structure is duplex-coated: first it is hot-dip galvanized then painted. This greatly increases resistance to corrosion and makes Cloud Climb suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.


The platforms can be flat or curved, depending on the desired style. They can come in one solid color or with a multi-color design printed on them and can have LED underbody lights. This allows the Cloud Climb to be easily themed or branded.

Available in:

  • Plywood
  • Fiberglass (GRP)
  • Plastic

LED Platforms

Enhance your space by adding Cloud Climb with LED-lit platfroms.

  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors use
  • Set the colors to your preference
  • Make them blink, fade or synchronize them with music

Safety net

The nets can be made from steel or from polyester. We also offer anti-climbing nets that are denser and prevent visitors from climbing on the outside of the structure.

Available in:

  • High tenacity polyester knotless net
    Mesh size 50/50mm / Rope diameter 5mm
  • PVC-coated stainless steel
    Mesh size 60/120mm / Rope diameter 3mm

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Cloud Climb Brochure

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