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Flexible zipline solutions, built to last,
for indoor and outdoor facilities.

As a stand-alone

As a stand-alone Walltopia Ziplines can be built everywhere. They can exploit a natural sloping ground or, through a tower, create an artificial incline.

Towers help build up excitement as visitors reach for the top and also have the added benefit of offering a viewpoint.

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As an add-on

Walltopia Ziplines as an add-on offer a secondary exit from ropes courses & other adventure attractions to visitors.

The last rush of adrenaline acts as a “grand finale” and leaves a long-lasting impression on the visitors’ minds. We recommend charging it as an extra on top of the price of the ticket.

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The Concept

Walltopia Ziplines are a breathtaking attraction for thrill-seekers of all ages and experience levels.

Suitable for both urban and natural settings, Walltopia Ziplines have low operating costs and represent a perfect addition to any facility looking to boost revenue.

Experience it solo or together

Multiple Walltopia Ziplines can be built in parallel in order to let visitors share the ride, transforming the classic experience into a social one.

Starting Platform

The layout of the platform is designed to provide easy and safe operation for maximum throughput.


Walltopia Ziplines use the highest quality steel rope for each and every project. All lines also feature a redundant safety system, further increasing participants’ safety.

Landing platform

The landing area of each project is designed to ensure a smooth stop to the ride. The landing platform’s geometry and placement is tailored to the specifics of each project.

According to our operational directions, participants are met and guided by an operator to ensure a safe exit out of the platform.


Steady decrease in the velocity is ensured by the provided braking device — Headrush ZipStop. It exists in different versions depending on the arrival velocity of the participant and is an industry-leading braking systems for ziplines.

The placement of the brake is calculated according to the exact parameters of your ride.

Harness & PPE

The harnesses provided (Basic Duo – Camp) prevents users from detaching without the help of the operating personnel.

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