The initial routesetting of an entire climbing gym is an ample and time-consuming project, which our team of professional routesetters is ready to take on.

Our crew has performed initial routesetting all over the world – from the 80m-tall climbing wall in the harsh Scandinavian autumn weather to the hot climbing gyms in Saudi Arabia. They can prepare your gym to welcome and serve climbers at its best for the opening day.

In addition to initial routesetting our team does resetting as well. Resetting routes is the core of every climbing gym. Our team of routesetters consists of professionals with years of experience in the field. They can respond to your gym’s and your member’s needs – not just by boosting climber’s skills but by improving the overall aesthetic of the gym, while making sure that there is enough variety in the gym.

Level Up, Belgium - Initial Routesetting 2022


Emiliyan Kolevski

Emiliyan Kolevski has been in the industry for the past 20 years. He has climbed in many great places around the world and participated in many national and international competitions, such as the first edition of the Red Bull Creepers in Pamplona, Spain, where he competed with some of the strongest climbers in the world.

He is now one of the head routesetters at Walltopia, working on projects all over the world.

If you want to see for yourselves what Emiliyan has been up to you can take a look here:

Chamonix, Aiguille Du Midi – August 2022

Opa Opa 8c, Bulgaria – May 2021


Nataleigh is a co-founder of Blackbox Boulder and Atari Climbing. She is a professional routesetter and has done both high level comp and commercial setting.

Nataleigh is part of the Belgium national setting team and is one of the first professional (freelance) setters in Belgium.

She has done all things related to climbing, from climbing hold reps, personal training to routesetting and educational workshops for routesetting.


Jan De Smit is a Belgian routesetter and co-founder of Blackbox Boulder, Atari climbing and BFIC (Belgium indoor climbing federation).Atari climbing offers the keys you need to start a climbing gym, run and manage the routesetting.Jan is one of the most experienced routesetters and trainers in Belgium. He has been part of the national setting team for over a decade. As an ex-competitor, trainer, gym owner and routesetter he sees things in all prospectives.

Jan has created the first educational routesetting course in Belgium (with a focus on safety) and is currently working on publishing a book covering all of this by the end of 2023.

Photo by Andy Day.


André has been in the industry for the last 23 years. He is a professional climber as well as a professional routesetter.
The combination of being involved with multiple comercial climbing projects and still being active on the Competition climbing scene, provides a very rich perspective of the routesetting panorama. Traveling around the world for climbing brings a refreshing inspirational input to deliver on every climbing gym needs.
Also his passion for climbing outside and the climbing community is the main source of his dedication for the sport, trying to bring that feeling all the time for the indoor activities.

Cesar Grosso

Cesare lives in Arco, Italy. His climbing journey began in 1995 in Brazil, leading to 11 national titles and a few continental victories. He’s a seasoned participant in multiple World Cups. As a professional climber, he has climbed challenging routes worldwide, with difficulty up to 9a. His first job in the industry was to wash holds, then he became a routesetter and started setting in gyms all around Europe (especially in Italy). He has also worked as a coach and climbing gym consultant.


Nikola is a young and highly motivated member of our crew, boasting a remarkable amount of experience in the climbing field for his age. For the past two years, he has been an integral part of the largest climbing gym in Bulgaria, serving as a dedicated routesetter, and for one year, he has excelled as a climbing trainer. Additionally, he actively participates in organizing routesetting efforts and distributing work within the gym. Nikola has played key roles in organizing various climbing events.


Kalin Garbov has been in the industry for the past 30 years and he has held many roles during this time. In addition to being one of the best Bulgarian climbers, Kalin has also extensive experience as a climbing trainer. He develops training programs for climbing academies and is now the trainer of the Bulgarian junior climbing team.  He has more than 15 years of experience in routesetting and is one of the main setters at Walltopia Climbing Center.

Martin Penkov

Martin Penkov has been involved in the climbing scene for over 15 years. Martin is not only a climbing coach but also a professional climber with prizes from numerous national competitions. His talent and dedication also earned him a place in several European and world competitions across Europe.

In addition to this specializes in repairing climbing shoes and he is a valued trainer in one of the country’s top climbing teams. His expertise extends beyond training, as he actively contributes to the organization and routesetting for various competitions catering to both children and adults.

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