Holds and volumes

Delivering a large selection of climbing holds worldwide.

    Holds and volumes from 26+ top brands

    Our online store Holdtopia holdtopia.com offers a huge selection of holds & volumes from world-famous, new and emerging brands.

    All of the climbing holds on Holdtopia are manufactured in the factory of our partner – Composite-X, located just next door to Walltopia’s main manufacturing facility in Letnitsa, Bulgaria. Composite-X uses the latest and most innovative technologies and materials in the industry.

    Benefits for Walltopia climbing wall clients

    • Get your initial holds shipment in the same container with the climbing wall panels and save up big on shipping.
    • Receive your walls and holds at the same time and your setters can start work as soon as a section of your gym is assembled. (+immediate dispatch – EU delivery from 2 to 7 days.)
    • Enjoy color consistency. Every hold is manufactured in Composite X with the same production technology and materials – colors and color schemes are consistent. Compliment your wall design – you won’t have to deal with 50 shades of blue throughout your holds.
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