Funtopia in Tunza Fun Xtreme, Australia

There is much to learn in the rapidly growing and fast changing active entertainment industry, and we’ve been talking to some of our clients and partners about what they’ve grasped so far.

This week, we interviewed Leo Neophytou, who runs our furthest from home Funtopia center, located at Tunzafun Xtreme in Australia. Find out what Leo has to say about operating a family entertainment center below.

Walltopia: What type of activities do you have in your center?
Leo: Our centres operate many different attractions although one of our greatest successes has been to partner with Funtopia.

Walltopia: What brings people to your center?
Leo: We view Funtopia as the anchor.

Walltopia: What do you believe is your competitive advantage?
Leo: Our staff is the most important advantage closely followed by a mix of attractions. What makes them return? The staff and the fact that everytime you visit our facilities there are new products in the store, this creates patronage!

Walltopia: Is there an activity that stands out among the rest and is an all-around favorite?
Leo: Funtopia activities

Walltopia: We know that keeping fresh is one of the key success factors to stay in business. What do you do to update/renovate your center? How often?
Leo: We allocate a % of sales as a reinvestment fund that has to be spent on new innovative products.

Walltopia: Based on your experience, how has the active entertainment industry changed in the recent years and what is the direction it is going now?
Leo: I believe it’s going in the direction of multiple attractions under one roof along with product safety as a huge concern for parents…

Walltopia: What’s your next challenge?
Leo: Opening the next Funtopia center.

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