We can’t stop gravity, but we can increase safety

Every activity that is set to happen above the ground brings the inherent risk of falling. It’s the law of physics.

No matter how many safety measures and procedures a climbing wall or active entertainment operator imposes, there’s always the risk of unfortunate circumstance. Knowing this, as a leading climbing wall manufacturer, we work consistently in two directions when it comes to safety:

  • to decrease the chances of human mistakes
  • to decrease the severity of an incident if a situation occurs.

Although there is no mandatory flooring regulation for climbing-based activities over 5 m, we feel it is our moral obligation to stress on the importance of adding proper matting for climbing-based attractions.

That is why, Walltopia partners with Climbmat that offers a special type of flooring solution called One More Life, developed and tested to significantly decrease the risk of severe injury in the event of a fall from heights between 7 and 17 m. One More Life aims to work for the climber as the airbag in a car does for the passenger. In the event of a fall, One More Life is designed to absorb a big part of the kinetic energy and decrease the deceleration force in order to reduce the risk of severe injuries.

We believe the reasons it’s not commonly used is that it takes out a part of a wall’s height (between 33 and 63 cm depending on the height of the attraction) and costs more than a standard flooring solution (250 EUR/m2 exw).

However, Walltopia advises and highly recommends that all amusement centers offering activities above 5 m take responsibility to provide their customers with the highest possible safety precautions, including energy absorbing flooring as one of them.

To learn more, follow the link below.

Let’s build a safe and fun environment for active entertainment!

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