The [Im]possible Build – 4 Climbing Walls in 72 Hours

The 2016 World Climbing Championship in Paris was a spectacular event with 386 competitors from 53 countries and thousands of viewers both live and online.

To make it possible, we had to do the impossible – we assembled over 700 sq.m (7300 sq. ft) of climbing surface in less than 3 days. 24 technicians were called in from all over Europe for the fastest installation in the history of Walltopia and indoor climbing. Of course, it did not all go as planned.

Fortunately, with a maximum effort and an even tighter schedule, all 4 climbing walls were ready 10 minutes before Midnight on September 13th.
Over 20,000 spectators in the Arena and thousands more online watched as the new World Champions make their way up the 2 beautiful boulders, lead wall and speed wall. It was one of the biggest events for the last few seasons and proved that climbing really deserves its spot in the Olympic program for Tokyo 2020.

It was a great opportunity for us to challenge ourselves once again, to overcome the fictional limitations of probability and call one less thing ‘impossible’. Watch the video below to see the fastest installation in the history of the climbing wall industry.

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