Walltopia Announces a New Equipment Lease Financing Program

We are introducing Walltopia Equipment Lease Financing Program designed to support business owners who want to continue their growth in 2021 with special payment terms.

The COVID-19 crisis presented an enormous challenge to all climbing and active entertainment businesses. Most of them were either closed or operated at limited capacity through 2020. As more of them are finally reopening the air is filled with the enthusiasm of both the visitors and the owners. The new financing program launched by Walltopia offers special payment terms for its clients signing a contract in 2021. It is open for new agreements for both climbing and active entertainment products.

From 1 July 2021 the program can support eligible projects by deferring up to 50% of their contract value with Walltopia for up to 5 years with interest rate as low as 3%.*

There are no origination or prepayment fees.

* Terms and conditions may range depending on the country of the applicant, the project size, their credibility, risk and financial profile. Collateral requirements for special payment terms may require one or more of the following: retention-of-title, registered security interests, ucc filings, fixed and floating charges, personal guarantees and others. An application does not guarantee an approval.

The Application Process Requires the Following:

Аll provided information would be used only for the purpose of obtaining special payment terms from Walltopia Equipment Lease Financing Program. All submitted applications will be treated in strict confidentiality.

To learn more about the program and assess the opportunity for your business, Walltopia invites you to visit its official page for the program or contact them at leasing@walltopia.com.

Privacy Policy

Some of the information you present us with may constitute Personal data, such as identification data and some financial data. By doing so, you are actively giving consent by conduct to the processing of such data. You may retract this consent at all times by emailing our team, which will however limit your involvement in the initiative, as the information is needed to identify the applicant and conduct risk assessment of the application. In regards to the Processing of personal data within the Initiative, Walltopia’s Privacy Policy applies in full. Where there is Processing of personal data, the Administrator – Walltopia AD, will do so in full compliance with the applicable Bulgarian and European legislation. The Processing shall be conducted for the purposes of the initiative and will be limited within its active period. Please consult Walltopia’s Privacy Policy for more details on the terms of Processing and your rights as a Data subject.

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