WICS will bring the world climbing community together for second year

Remember our brave idea of gathering the whole climbing community at one place during the first World Indoor Climbing Summit (WICS)? Well, the idea turned out great and we are doing it again!

To be honest, getting together some of the best indoor climbing experts from around the globe was not an easy task but at the same time, our industry grows so fast, we feel it is time for a much broader and more strategic dialogue on the state of indoor climbing and the trends we see coming in a different part of the world. WICS 2018 brought together 300 specialists and 17 exhibiting companies from 38 countries and we expect WICS 2019 to be even bigger.

Although our focus has been on the content and the space we provide to share experience and collaborate on new ideas, reading last year’s feedbacks showed participants attribute the best value in the networking with industry pioneers. Also, the fact that most of the attendees have been either founders or CEOs of the gyms they represented, changed much the dialogue in a very positive way. People loved the open and more inclusive type of panel discussions which give space for dialogue and for sharing different points of view. Due to that it was easier to keep the audience’s attention and include it in the conversation, so this year we still keep the panel discussions as the preferred form.

From an exhibitor’s perspective exhibiting companies shared that they could finally put a face to a name, getting to meet some of their customers for the first time at WICS. They see WICS as a smaller event but with a great audience of mostly decision-makers, which shortens the distance between retailer and gym manager.

WICS 2018 Highlights

The second edition of WICS will take place this summer from 19th to 21st June again in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We will include some of last year’s hottest topics such as “From A to Z- What to Consider When Opening a New Climbing Gym?” (with new speakers on stage) and we will present some new such as private equity and “Global State of the Market” where we will have a discussion on where the climbing industry is heading in countries where climbing is already a big hype. The exhibition area will be even bigger this year, so more companies are welcomed to join.

We are inviting all gym owners, directors, managers, operators, route setters, and potential investors, climbing influencers, climbers and who else might wish to experience WICS to shape the future of climbing together again this summer.

Details about: Exhibitor Registrations and Floorplan.

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See you at WICS 2019!

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