Hex Ropes Course

Hex Ropes Course

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Main information

Length16.4 m (53.8 ft)
Width14.6 m (47.9 ft)
Height6.2 m (20.3 ft)
# of obstacles12
Capacity26 ppl
StructureSelf-standing / Suspended

Starting from


Additional information

Age groupFrom 8 years old
User weight restrictionMax. 120 kg (265 lbs)
Standard obstacle sizeObstacles available in 5,6,7,8 meters / Modular structure
Design customizationTheming / Various colour combinations
Add-onsViewing deck / Tent / Kiddy level / Rollglider / Zip line
Min. ceiling height14 m (46 ft)
Requared footprint205 m² (2207 ft²)
Electricity requiredYes if Gamifier or Specific Add-on is installed
Compatible Belay SystemsWalltopia Belay Channel / Continuous Wire Belay / Non cotinuous smart belay
Belay Line StyleMultidirectional / Linear
Applicable standardEN 15667 / EN 795