Walltopia Opens a US Subsidiary for Adventure Products

Fun Walls by Walltopia

Walltopia Adventure has officially established a US branch of the company in the United States, and appointed outdoor enthusiast, Ivaylo Sotirov, as CEO.

Ivaylo has over 12 years of experience in the Amusement business. He first entered the industry by joining the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk as a ride operator. His enthusiasm for adventure didn’t stop there. Ivaylo quickly became involved with the management of a leading manufacturing company that is a major supplier in the Amusement industry, and grew from Junior Accountant, to Financial Controller, to CFO. Throughout the years, Ivaylo demonstrated continued leadership in his organization, and commitment to professional training and talent development. As CEO of Walltopia Adventure USA, Ivaylo has big ambitions for increasing the presence of the Walltopia products on the US market. He believes constant innovation is a key to success in any industry, especially in Amusement.

“I have known Ivaylo for 11 years and I am confident that he is the right fit for us. I surely set the bar high for him – I am determined to make Walltopia Adventure a reflection of Walltopia Climbing in terms of market share and secure our leading position in the industry, both in the USA and worldwide,” said Walltopia CEO, Ivaylo Penchev, on the account of the new head of Walltopia Adventure USA.

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