The First Walltopia Adventure Hub Opens in October 2016

Indoor adventure is about to get bigger!

The next big thing in the amusement industry will be built this October. The first Walltopia Adventure Hub will emerge at Lavina Mall in Kiev, Ukraine as a part of Galaxy Family Entertainment Centre. The attractions within the Hub will offer great fun and exciting challenges for kids and adults alike.

To deliver the ultimate adventure experience we combined a variety of attractions into one massive entertainment station including:

  • Ropes Course: low and high ropes course with 23 different challenges
  • 154m Rollglider: an exciting aerial roller coaster zipline
  • Over 20 interactive Fun Walls climbing challenges
  • A giant parabolic slide to get all hearts pumping
  • Walltopia Cave: artificial caving system for the adventurous explorers
  • A Quick Jump free fall device that safely mimics the experience of BASE jumping
  • And 84 m of Adventure trails with 12 adventure houses along the way.

The very first Walltopia Adventure Hub with its footprint of 450 m2 and 20m height will deliver active entertainment and tons of fun to up to 700 people per hour allowing for a visitor flow of over 5000 participants a day!

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