Walltopia Caves – the first to feature educational games and walking exploration

walltopia caves at trampo world

Walltopia’s expertise in the climbing industry and specifically in the design of rock-realistic climbing walls has naturally led to the idea of building artificial caves. To this day, we have installed 17 projects worldwide, one of them being Green Box in Beijing, China, which is the largest artificial cave in the world. 

We are also the first company to produce walking exploration caves and integrate them with the Gamifier – a gamification system by our partners at Techtopia.
This year at the IAAPA Expo visitors at our booth #1686 will have the chance to experience one of our caves in real life. The model we’re showcasing features both walking exploration and gamification.

Edutainment in Practice

The walking exploration cave consists of chambers that resemble real caverns. It offers an educational caving experience – the participants walk through various rock formations and learn about the underground world just as if it was formed by nature.

Level up visitors' experience with Gamifier

The Gamifier is an interactive scoring platform that applies gamification principles to the world of active entertainment increasing the number of repeatable visits. When a Gamifier is integrated into a Walltopia Cave, it enhances the entire caving experience and makes it much more interactive. It features many fun games, a scoring system, and competitive modes. At the same time, the Gamifier has educational benefits, as many of its games are focused on acquiring knowledge about nature’s wonders. One of our favorite games is searching for and collecting fossils – the more you discover, the more points you score.

Curious to find out more about our caves? Just write us a message at adventure@walltopia.com to book a meeting with the team at IAAPA.

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