Introducing the Cave Exploration in the Daydream Forest FEC at OCT Fabland

“The Cave Adventure” project is located in the adventure district of the Daydream Forest FEC at OCT Fabland Xiangyang, China. It consists of an interactive area composed of various rock formations, integrating exploration and sports activities. All children are given a chance to dive into magical caves and explore mysterious prehistoric civilizations. In the cave area children can choose from two kinds of experiences: easy and adventure. Through climbing and exploring in the narrow tunnels, children’s physical coordination is being enhanced.

Simultaneously, interactive challenges have been developed to exercise each child’s reasoning abilities and exploration abilities through rich and exciting task-based challenges. The inner wall of the artificial cave has realistic texture and is representative of the real rock shapes that can be found in nature, such as stalactites and stalagmites. You can even find some splashes of lava here! Children can touch the animal and plant fossils on the rock wall and the ancient rock wall paintings, explore the footprints of the ancients and experience the world civilization as it was 5 million years ago!

Daydream Forest FEC, with a total investment of 800 million RMB and an area of 210,000 square meters, officially opened on May 1, 2021. Taking the paradigm of “Immersing into nature, exploring nature and being one with nature” as a foundation, the park aims to “Let every family experience the happiness of returning to nature” through eight core highlight areas and activities: The marvelous landscape of the world; The breathtaking sailing adventure; Exploring the remarkable home of animals; Uncovering the beauty of farming; Investigation and research STEM classes; Diving into the amazing world created by implementing the original IP of the park in all areas; Enjoying the amazing mascot performances and Reveling in the whole family-based experiences!

The theme park is further separated in five themed areas: Discovery Center, Forest Tribe, Candy Land, Grasshopper Insect Gang and Flying Kingdom with more than 100 top parent-child entertainment experiences. The whole family can get close to nature and wilderness, feel the farm and the earth, and explore the jungle and the dangerous peaks.

As the first nature-inspired Park in China and the core concept in OCT Fabland Xiangyang, the park takes the original story IP of “Daydream Forest Adventure Story” and the brand proposition of parents accompanying their children to “experience nature and love fun” as a main line through which a new parent-child vacation life with the spirit of creativity is introduced. OCT yet again injects new vitality into the family cultural tourism market and lead the continuous innovation and upgrading of the industry.

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