Turnkey Solutions for Family Entertainment Centers Series 1/3 — An Integration Into A Mixed-use building — Triangle Plus, Hong Kong

The center of a megapolis like Hong Kong gives enormous opportunities to target a variety of clients and develop long-lasting traffic into family entertainment centers or any other kind of sport adventure facility. The founders of Triangle Plus are passionate climbers who were planning to blend their favorite sport with family activities by organizing the 7th and 8th floors of Plaza 88. And here comes the challenge — the height of the floors in the office building. We see this pattern in Walltopia clients who аре torn apart in the choice to develop their business in a big useful space or somewhere closer to proper demography. Walltopia is a turnkey solution provider covering both standard and non-standard product sets, short-term consulting, and complete project delivery and installation.

The challenge

The challenge in the Triangle Plus project was the low height of the facility, which is 3,70 m. Walltopia experienced designers created the most functional layout by utilizing all spaces available and incorporating the right combination of harnessed and unharnessed activities.

Non-standard Usage of a Standard Product

The Walltopia team designed a one-level hexagon Ropes Course with a footprint of 130 sqm and a capacity of 85 people per hour. The experience Includes obstacles from easy to hard, in order to cover a wider age group of participants. Ropes Course is a product that everybody connects with heights and adrenaline, but in this case, fits smoothly in the overall flow of the run.

Adjusting to the clients

For the kids climbing zone, the design team customized all Fun Walls to fit at this height of the ceiling and at the same time keep the full functionality and vision. Designers included interactive games like speed wall and fireman. Because of the low ceiling, the team dedicated the area to the participation of kids aged 4 to 10 years old, and a model with fewer challenges to climb was chosen. The hourly capacity in this zone is 76 people on a footprint of 150 sqm.

In another case, the entrepreneur could choose the premium challenges to make the Fun Walls a showcase attraction of your facility, or Fit-In Fun Walls if the budget is limited, without compromising on the quality and experience.

Crawl through the impossible space

Walltopia Caves are the perfect product to fit in “impossible spaces”. Caves absorb unused space behind the climbing walls or storage room. They are always designed with bespoken elements bringing either physical challenge or edutainment element or even both. Triangle Plus’s case is fitted in storage. The cave capacity in this project is 130 people per hour in a 95 sqm footprint and welcomes groups aged 3 years old and above, including all physical obstacles from our catalog and 5 interactive games.

Due to the unique vision of the cave, arouses great interest among visitors to the Triangle Plus family entertainment center in Hong Kong. Nevertheless to say it is the first Cave system in Hong Kong.

The “All In” product

Ninja Course is a challenge suitable for a wide range of age groups. It’s a perfect attraction for facilities with low ceilings like Triangle Plus. Walltopia designers selected the best obstacles for each age group and created a Ninja Course experience for everyone — from professional athletes to young future ninja warriors with 3 different lanes of difficulty, from easy to hard. The Ninja Course occupies an area of 160 sqm which allows 63 people capacity per hour.

Unharness the toddlers, facilitate monitoring

Adventure Trail with slides and Cloud Climb is another product combination designed for toddlers and kids. It is an unharnessed attraction for a greater heights, but in Triangle Plus it is installed close to the floor. This gives Triangle  Plus a high capacity of 90 people per hour. Unharnessed models facilitate the monitoring by operators which reduces labor costs, and has no mechanical parts which reduce maintenance costs.

Depending on the concepts, a considerable fit for this playground can be Trampolines and Soft Play.

And climbing walls at the top

In the Triangle Plus project, Walltopia incorporated 365 sqm of sports climbing walls which can be a training area for experienced climbers or a good place to learn the basics of climbing. There are boulders with different slopes in the field. The steeper the incline, the higher the difficulty.

As a leader in the industry, Walltopia has the design knowledge and production ability to adjust standard products to a specifically developed custom turnkey solution.

Walltopia active entertainment products can be arranged in many unique combinations, fitting spaces, and business plans. Download a Sample ROI Plans Brochure which gives detailed numbers of three different project cases — a family entertainment center in a space with a low ceiling (Triangle Plus), with a high ceiling (The Jungle Adventure Play), and an urban outdoor space without limitations (Playtopia Park).

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