The Thirst for Outdoor Family Activities

Not long ago children used to spend most of their days outdoors – whether playing in the backyard or on the streets with the neighboring kids. Then the world suddenly got too busy and too dangerous for that and a great part of the activities for kids transferred indoors – it’s more convenient and it does not depend on the weather. True.

Outdoor activities though have their own unique advantages – fresh air, sunshine, surrounding nature, more space for unstructured play. Still, looking at our portfolio of completed projects, indoor wins.

Will Covid-19 change that? We believe so.

Since the beginning of the crisis, we see a rise in inquiries for outdoor facilities that can be fun for the whole family. It’s still early to say but the pandemic can contribute to a better balance of indoor vs. outdoor offerings of Active Entertainment. The reasoning behind that is simple – spending time outdoors can have a positive boost on our immune system and can ease the social distancing guidelines, giving us a higher sense of safety & protection.

See below a few of our signature outdoor projects and if you are planning on opening an outdoor center or expanding your existing one, let us know. We have much to offer.

Angry Birds World, Qatar (2018)

Big Bird, France (2017)

Playtopia Pachuca, Mexico (2019)

Faunia Madrid, Spain (2020)

Slagharen Attraction Park, Netherlands (2019)

Veliko Tarnovo Ropes Course (2018)

Markeaton Park, UK (2015)

Rowdy Bear Mountain, USA (2018)

The Excitement Tower, Tehran (2017)

Bournemouth Pier Zip Line, UK (2014)

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