Two Rollglider aerial rides in South Korea are set to open next year thankfully to Zipline Korea, Inc.

Two Rollglider aerial rides in South Korea are set to open to the general public next year thankfully to the efforts of our partner Zipline Korea, Inc. The eye-catching attractions will be installed inside the city of Iksan and the city of Boeun. Both installations are the first for each location.

“The Rollglider is an attraction that delivers the feel of free flying in a completely safe environment. We are keen on safety. This is of great importance for us. The flight is not only enjoyed by thrill-seekers but also by people who crave an unknown experience. So we are glad that we will share this experience will all South Korean people.”, commented the commercial director of the Rollglider Borislav Atanasov.

The first location which will be open in the middle of the next year is Iksan city. The Rollglider there will be about 350 linear meters and the trolley will reach up to 25km/h. The terrain is interesting and the flight will be above a park full of greenery and lots of ups and downs. The second location of Boeun is around 600 linear meters and will be different because the trolley will fly down gravitationally and will go up electrically through steeper parts.

Jeff Jung, President and Chief Executive of Zipline Korea, Inc. noted “I think Rollglider is the most competitive roller zip coaster line ever introduced around the world.  The experience it brings to the participants cannot compete with other rides. People can control their own speed, fly from low to high, and enjoy the free flying. The unique points are that the attraction requires less operational staff and allows many participants on the track at the same time, which rises the capacity and the sold tickets accordingly.

Throughout the entire process, Yoana Nedeva, Sales manager in Walltopia, has been very supportive and we look forward to collaborating on potential projects in the future.”

Yoana Nedeva, Sales manager Walltopia: “2020 has been a challenging year for the entertainment industry. The impact of COVID-19 has been devastating due to the pandemic, Having in mind these significant facts, I am really impressed by the efforts and motivation of Jeff and his team to bring our products and especially the Rollglider to the South Korean land! The team is very hard-working and streamlined which is the formula of success. Well done, Jeff!”

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