Walltopia Fun Walls — Build by yourself

Installing Fun Walls can now be done fully by our customers. The newly designed process gives advantage of setting up a wall without the involvement of our technical team. It reduces the overall costs of your project by up to 35%, allowing flexibility and more efficient planning.

Get your DoItYourself Fun Walls by following these steps:

1. Visit our web site and choose the Fun Walls you like most.

2. Contact our sales representative and have a brief about your location and needs, he will help you with the best selection of walls and placement.

3. Choose additional products to make your operation easier – safety gates, harness rack, Self Belay, safety flooring, speed timers, buzzer buttons and others.

4. You will receive a price proposal, concept design and standard loads within one week.

5. Purchase your walls.

6. Within 1 month, your new Fun Walls will be ready to ship out of our factory, fully preassembled and inspected. A Project manager will be assigned to help you with the logistics and the assembly.

7. You will receive all product documentations needed: Assembly drawings, Product operations manuals, Briefing video for your clients, Training video for your operators. Our Project Manager will assist you remotely during the whole process.

8. When your project is fully assembled you will be introduced to our Customer Service Officer and he will help you with all further questions regarding the maintenance, inspection procedures and supply you with all needed consumables.


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