A New Digital Tool Leads the Future of the Creation of Active Entertainment Concepts

Clearly, there is room to dream about a more successful world along with new technology. Every day we envision a world where tech helps everyone succeed and prosper. Isn’t the purpose of any digital tool to help us be more productive?

With this idea in mind, we developed two new online tools destined to revolutionize the process of creating concepts for attractions.

The new Walltopia Product Configurators allow clients to create an initial 3D concept design for their attraction and get an instant quote in just a few clicks without any commitment. The tools, available for Walltopia Ropes Courses and Rollglider, are a natural consequence of one of Walltopia’s core values – to empower and support their clients to make their dream projects come to life.

However, like a lot of great ideas, the one behind the Walltopia Product Configurators came to life out of necessity. With travelling made nearly impossible by the pandemic, planning and building attractions around the world became increasingly difficult. The process has been severely affected both from the clients’ and the suppliers’ perspectives with one of the hardest parts being the planning and initial design of the venues.

“We make a lot of meetings and site visits especially when it comes to more complex projects. These visits allow us to get to know the client and their needs better. The pandemic has made this exchange impossible, so we needed to get creative with our approach to making concepts.” - shares Pencho Penchev, Head of Design for Active entertainment at Walltopia.

This creative approach resulted in the Walltopia Product Configurators. They eliminate the need for travel in the initial stages of projects making the process faster, cheaper and much easier for both sides. And this is not their only stellar benefit. The configurators allow customers to customize everything – from straightforward features like colours and finish to complex ones like supporting structure, desired obstacles or operational preferences.

The Walltopia Ropes Courses have numerous customizable features – colours, over 100 obstacles to choose from, layouts, and even belaying systems. The Ropes Course Configurator allows clients to choose the size and up or downscale according to budget and tailor their attraction to their needs. The Rollglider Configurator allows clients to create a whole ride from scratch customizing the ride experience, structure, and even safety and trolley systems. The ride can even be visualized on its precise location on Google Earth for maximum accuracy.

At this point, the Product Configurators are available for the Walltopia Ropes Courses and the Rollglider but Walltopia is on track to launch similar tools for all its products by the end of the year?

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