Don’t give up on your goals – invest in a climbing gym design

Given the troublesome times the world is going through, not knowing what the outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic will be, it's more than natural that we are all postponing our big plans and projects.

But we know that life will go on at some point and the ones who will thrive after a storm will be the ones who don’t put their plans and dreams “on hold” for long. So don’t give up on your goal of opening a climbing gym. We know it’s not the time to go all-in with big commitments and investments, but you can start with smaller steps. Like seeing how that gym would look like.

That is why we’re offering the option to get a quote and sign a contract for the gym design only without further business commitment. Visualize your future gym, see it take shape, and take a virtual walk (now everything’s virtual, right). At a later time, when the world passes the troublesome times and you feel safe enough to dive in, you can take it further by signing a production contract, or you can just leave it there if you change your mind.

Click on the link below to share your ideas with us.

And we’ll get back to you with a price estimation for the design only. If the budget suits you, we can start working on making your ideas come to life.

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