Elevating play to a whole new level

Walltopia Playgrounds — elevating play to a whole new level

Walltopia Playgrounds — unharnessed attractions, designed to create a fun and safe space for the smallest visitors. Our lines include:

  • Soft Play
  • Puff Play
  • Bloc Play
  • Signature Playgrounds

The playgrounds can be customized to suit your space’s unique requirements. Specify your desired height and select from our extensive palette of colors and thematizations, or let us integrate your brand’s theme.

Combine with other attractions

Combine your playgrounds with other products from our portfolio such as

  • Cloud Climb
  • Slides
  • Adventure Trail
  • Net Maze
  • Kids Unharnessed Ziplinе

and create a memorable experience for both the kids and adults.

Soft Play

Soft Play is the ideal entertainment for toddlers, its safe and padded from all sides. What’s more, it can operate without the need for additional operators and can easily fit into any available space. Our Soft Play attractions include:

  • Classic Soft Play
  • The Loaf
  • Curved Platforms Playground

Bloc Play

The Bloc Play Line consists of modules that can be rearranged to meet your vision. All of the attractions are designed with toddlers in mind .

  • Modular Bloc Play Houses
  • The Watch Tower
  • Blocs on the Wall

Puff Play

Puff Play features soft foam volumes covered in durable vinyl. All of the elements are easy to rearrange and move and require no additional operators.

  • The HEX
  • The Bridge
  • Tunnel and Steps
  • Parkour

Signature playgrounds

Make your play area standout with our signature attractions.

  • Beach Whale
  • City Robot
  • The Tree House


Add Standard Elements to your playground or use them as a separate attraction.

  • Ball Pit
  • Swings Field
  • Net Climber
  • Board Games

Board Games

To make your space more engaging, we can include various board games in your playground. These games aid in the development of fine motor skills and can be seamlessly incorporated into playhouses or existing wall areas.

Kiddy Unharnessed Zipline

A small, but very fun element to make sure that kids can go wild. Requires no supervision and no additional costs for seats, helmets, etc. Ideal for children in young childhood.


All of the playground attractions are designed to comply with the EN 1176 standard and are incorporated with soft padded elements to provide a safe environment for kids.

All designs can feature custom theming, such as Forest, Candy House, Space, or your brand colors and mascots. You can bring your vision to life through vinyl prints or 3D volumes for decoration or as obstacles.


For all of our products we use only the highest quality polyurethane foams on the market. Because they offer a soft and safe experience for children along with long-lasting comfort and durability with minimal residual deformation.

Vinyl Paddings

  • Wide range of RAL colors
  • With printing option

Safety Nets

Textile nets in different colors covering the sides of the play structure.

Anti Climb net is used for all ceilings and low parts of the Soft Play.


Make sure that your space is safe — choose from our large variety of flooring solutions

  • Carpet Bonded foam
  • Vinyl foam mat
  • Grass Flooring
  • EVA foam mat
  • Rubber Flooring

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