Sustainable Technology behind Walltopia Thermoplastic Climbing Macros and Volumes

The new Walltopia macros and volumes adopt a well-established environmentally friendly production technology from other industries to improve sustainability within the climbing industry

Innovation has always been a driving force at Walltopia for the development of products. Our passion for science and technology, our devotion to hard work and responsibility have helped us grow to become the world leader in the climbing industry. This is also what keeps us up at night always asking ourselves “What can be improved, done in a different way? What can be optimized? What can we experiment with, alter or completely change?”. That leads to a lot of RnD experiments with materials, machinery and technology, some of which end up in the trash while others live on to become industry standards.

100% recyclable environmentally-friendly technology

The latter is the case with thermoplastic being used for the production of volumes and macros that Walltopia has implemented since last year. Stepping on his experience in the packaging industry, Ivaylo Penchev, Walltopia’s CEO and co-founder, suggested putting into action thermoplastic as a way to shift to a more sustainable product, making volumes entirely recyclable. “Walltopia Thermoplastic (TP) can be melted down and reshaped, its production doesn’t have toxic emissions making it both environmentally- and employee-friendly and, to top it off, the properties of the final product prove to be of a great quality.”, he says. The volumes and macros are extra durable and hard to break, offer outstanding grip and are super lightweight which makes them a setters’ favorite.

Walltopia boulder climbing walls featuring natural wood and solid color panels,LED stripes and a boulder problem set with Walltopia thermoplastic volumes range The Nose.
Skala Roco, Burgos, Spain

Volumes are a fast-moving commodity in the indoor climbing world, a consumable that sees a lot of use and has a shorter lifespan compared to other types of climbing gym equipment. Speaking about climbing walls, for instance, sustainability equals a sturdy, durable wall which can live a longer life without needing replacement. Holds and volumes, however, have a different story. A gym needs to update their holds and volumes inventory often in order to provide new shapes for creative route setting and keep the end customer engaged with a challenging and diverse climbing experience. This means the old volumes need to be broken down and recycled way sooner than any of the walls that they’re installed on. This gives the new technology of thermoplastic a big advantage being fully recyclable. Thermoplastic does not denature upon heat treatment which means its initial properties do not change during the production process. This allows thermoplastic volumes to be reused, reshaped or melted down and recycled into other products. In fact, the source material for the TP volumes currently in production is recycled plastic!

Walltopia boulder climbing walls in Gravity boulder Budapest, Hungary featuring natural wood panels, LED stripes and Walltopia thermoplastic volumes
Gravity Boulder Budapest, Hungary

Product benefits

Apart from the obvious environmental benefits, Walltopia TP has a number of advantages in terms of product quality. Something that will strike you at first sight (and touch) is the weight of these volumes and macros – they are so lightweight that they would be the setters’ first choice for the final move of many boulder problems and a top pick for the rope walls as well. A volume with dimensions of 90x65x25 cm (35x25x10 inches) comes at a weight of about 2 kg only! And a wink to the gym owners, this also means reduced shipping costs.

The grip that Walltopia TP volumes offer is excellent, easily comparable with the grip of regular climbing holds and volumes that we are used to. Dual texture also works, and looks, exceptionally well on TP volumes. With their size, shape and aesthetics, these volumes can easily be a central visual feature in the bouldering area of any gym.

Walltopia TP volumes’ production is relevantly fast, resulting in quick turnaround. The timing depends, of course, on the current workload in the factory, the specific order and the destination for shipping, so a precise estimation is to be made individually for each order.

Walltopia The Moon Thermoplastic Volume


Walltopia TP benefits:


  • 100% recyclable
  • Ultra light
  • Extra durable
  • The ultimate grip
  • Super hard to break
  • Environmentally-friendly production
  • Zero toxic emissions
  • Isocyanate and polyol free


Continued Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Through Supreme Product Quality

At Walltopia, we’re always striving to offer the best quality products on the market by constantly improving all our product lines, optimizing their production process and developing new materials and technologies. We’re honored by the abiding trust of our clients and are commited to justify it offering a full range of products and services that answer the indoor climbing industry demands. Being a turn-key supplier, we aim to identify potential problems and find solutions for them before they even come to fruition.

Our new range of Walltopia TP volumes embodies this philosophy, offering a combination of exceptional shape, grip, look and minimal weight that optimizes your gym’s route setting workflow and efficiency. The Walltopia TP volumes are remarkably lightweight reducing the daily loads on the routesetters’ shoulders and extending the creativity in routesetting with the use of more volumes at the higher parts of the climbing wall.

The benefits of the minimal weight of Walltopia TP volumes extends beyond ease of route setting; it also translates into significant savings on shipping costs. This expense reduction directly benefits your climbing gym’s bottom line, allowing you to allocate resources more effectively and reinvest in further improvements for your facility.

The latest range of Walltopia TP macros and volumes are available at and can also be seen at Vertical Pro

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