Climbing Division Events in Fall 2023

Fall 2023 is going to be busy for Walltopia climbing division, attending events all over Europe! Starting in mid-September in Sheffield, UK for the annual conference of ABC walls then followed by Salon de l’Escalade in Grenoble, France and, last but not least, Vertical Pro at the very end of November, right before we start getting ready for the Christmas festivities.

ABC Conference

Sep 14-15, 2023
Sheffield, UK

In September, before even our sun tan is gone from the summer holiday, we are going to go cool down in Sheffield, UK for the annual Association of British Climbing Walls Conference. We’re excited to be a title sponsor this year! We have been attending the event since it was still a small hall with a table and chair for each vendor and we have watched it grow and profesionalize along with the climbing industry into a well-established business conference. As a leading manufacturer we feel responsible and honored to be able to support the growth of the industry through such events.

Salon de l'Escalade

Sep 29-30, 2023
Grenoble, France

Right after the ABC Conference in the UK, we are headed to the heart of the French Alps: Grenoble for some hardcore climbing and good wine. Just kidding, we’re going there for the 4th edition of Salon de l’Escalade. We’re excited to meet all our friends, clients and partners from France and the surrounding countries and would be glad to meet new people from the professional climbing industry to collaborate with.

Vertical Pro

Nov 24-25, 2023
Friedrichshafen, Germany

During the dark and grey time of the year at the end of November, there is one event to brighten the mood and keep the climbing industry professionals motivated – Vertical Pro. Just like the previous two events, we have been a part of Halls’n’Walls since its beginning as a small meet-up for indoor climbing professionals and we have watched it transform tremendously into the massive professional hub for all Vertical Pro’s that it is now.

Meet us there

Join us at our booths during these events, explore our range of climbing wall products and discuss potential projects and partnerships. At our booth we’ll be showcasing:

  • Usteppable Climbing Wall Panels and Dual-Texture Panels: Check out the look and feel the friction of the different options for climbing wall finish
  • Natural Wood, Bamboo Panels, and Veneers: Explore the variety of designs for Walltopia climbing wall panels inspired by nature and see different combinations with solid colors
  • Dual-Texture Wooden Volumes: Discover how our latest volume designs can enhance climbing experiences.
  • Climbmat’s Flooring Samples: Test the safety and performance of Climbmat’s flooring options, perfect for climbing gyms and adventure centers.

Our team of climbing enthusiasts and industry experts will be on hand to engage with you, answer any questions, and explore potential projects or partnerships. Whether you represent a climbing gym, outdoor adventure center, or any other climbing-related business, we are eager to discuss how our products can elevate your offerings and create unforgettable climbing experiences for your customers.

If you’d like to book a meeting, fill out the form on the right, follow the link below or simply email sales [at]

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