Active Entertainment Division Events in Fall 2023

Walltopia Active Entertainment division will be globetrotters durign fall 2023. Several expos and events for the leisure industry are taking place in Europe, Asia and North America and our team will be there to represent. Here is the line-up: Starting at the end of August in vietnam for IAAPA APAC Summit and Theme Park Expo followed by two events at the same time in the US – SAM and IATPA in mid-September. After that are the big IAAPA Europe and IAAPA USA and last but not least, the LeisurUp in Cannes, France. Our expert sales team will be attending all of the above and will be glad to meet up with our well-known clients and partners and get to know new ones. Learn about our latest developments in the active entertainment attractions portfolio of Walltopia – there are new additions in both the harnessed and unharnessed categories as well as upgrades to our classic products.


20-21 August
Da Nang, Vietnam

At the end of August we’ll have to quickly shake off the holiday mood and go to IAAPA APAC Summit in Da Nang, Vietnam. We’re excited to show the Asian leisure industry our latest innovations and developments in the ropes course family of products for both harnessed and unharnessed activites. Learn also about our design innovations incorporating LED lights into Cloud Climb and Slides engaging participants on a new visual level.

Theme Park Expo

23-24 August
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Right after the IAAPA APAC Summit, we are headed to Ho Chi Minn city for Theme Park Expo. Let us present you our turn-key solutions for active entertainment catering to all age groups and skill levels offering the ultimate adventure for the whole family in the theme park!

Summer Ops Camp - SAM

10-12 September
Steamboat, USA

SAM’s Summer Ops Camp is taking place in the beautiful Steamboat, Colorado in the US in mid-September and we’re excited to be a Camp Partner this year! We’ll gladly present our active entertainment attractions that can be incorporated in a mountain resort turning it from a ski area to a year-round destination.

IATP Annual Conference & Trade Show

10-12 September
Kalahari Resort in Round Rock, TX, USA

At the very same days in September another significant event for the leisure industry is taking place – the IATP Annual Conference & Trade Show in Texas. For the occasion we’re having our active entertainment sales team clone so that they can cover both events. Just kidding, we’ll have reps at both places and we’re excited to meet up with well-known partners and clients and get to know potential new ones. Come to Walltopia both and meet us!

IAAPA Europe

25-28 September
Vienna, Austria

IAAPA Europe is the next event on our 2023 autumn list, taking place in Vienna, Austria this time. IAAPA events are always huge and super exciting and we’re glad to be a part of them. We have expanded our portfolio to offer a diverse range of unharnessed attractions catering to younger audiences and low-ceiling venues, while preserving our core value of promoting an active lifestyle. We have also added new developments and models to our well-known thrill-boosting harnessed activities to take adventure experience further. Let us tell you about all of them and how they can be ideally combined to suit the needs of your location.


14-17 November
Orlando, Florida

IAAPA USA will take us to Orlando once again for four days of entertainment. This event is mindblowing every time and even when we think it can’t be taken any further, it proves it can. IAAPA Orlando brings together passionate professionals from the leisure industry to shape the future of creating unforgettable guest experiences and we’re excited to be a part of it.

LeisurUp at MAPIC

28-30 November
Cannes, France

LeisurUp is the leisure event dedicated to accelerating location-based attractions in lifestyle destinations including retail sites, urban areas, transport hubs and travel destinations. Let us present you how active entertainment attractions can be incorporated into real estate locations of any kind to give it a different perspective and attract a wide range of visitors.

Meet us there

Join us at our booths during these events and explore our innovative range of active entertainment products and discuss potential projects and partnerships. At our booth we’ll be showcasing:

  • Walltopia Ropes Courses: Our high and low ropes course models offering harnessed entertainment for all ages and skill levels. Learn how ropes courses can be combined with other attractions to create an entertainment hub.
  • Rollglider: The Rollglider is a roller coaster-zipline that delivers the feeling of free flying in a completely safe environment
  • Cloud Climb: A cross between the classic playground and a maze, this unharnessed attraction allows 4 to 14-year-old kids to experience a unique feeling of freedom; much like jumping from cloud to cloud.
  • Slides: Walltopia Slides is a newly jewel in Walltopia portfolio. Whether straight or twisted, open or closed, a slide is the best way to go down from any climbing attraction (or without such, per say).
  • Net Maze: Walltopia Net Mazes are a new range of active entertainment products for the youngest of kids. Unharnessed and completely safe, building on our vast experience in the climbing industry, we have designed the perfect range of attractions to keep children safe, active and full of joy.
  • Trampolines: Trampolines may not be a new product in the active entertainment industry but they are new for our production portfolio. With a wide range of products, we have evolved our offering from climbing-focused activities to a true turnkey provider for active entertainment attractions
  • Caves: Offering a realistic caving experience, Walltopia caves can turn any oddly-shaped space into an adventurous, explorational and diverse amusement area.
  • Fun Walls: Fun Walls are our classic active entertainment attraction. Based on our vast experience in the climbing wall design and production, this line of products is designed to cater to the youngest climbers without requiring any specific skill or training besides what comes natural to every human being.

Our team of active entertainment industry experts will be on hand to engage with you, answer any questions, and explore potential projects or partnerships. Whether you represent a theme park, FEC, sports center, adventure park, resort, shopping mall or any kind of location-based leisure business, we are eager to discuss how our products can elevate your offerings and create unforgettable adventure experiences for your customers. Our turn-key solutions are tailored to suit your specific needs, ensuring the perfect mix of attractions for your location, demographics, and desired throughput.

If you’d like to book a meeting, fill out the form on the right, follow the link below or simply email sales [at]

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