Adrenark Adventure in Abu Dhabi is the “Family Entertainment Center of the Year” at the prestigious Park World Excellence Awards 2023!

Walltopia Rollglider in Adrenark UAE

The journey of Adrenark Adventure from concept to reality is a story of collaboration and vision. Walltopia, a world leader in the climbing and adventure & leisure industries, was one of the major contractors of Abu Dhabi’s Adrenark Adventure, which opened in April 2023. The company was invited into the development process at an early stage by KCC Entertainment Design, who were behind the design of the site. Walltopia designed and delivered the majority of the attractions in the park, ensuring that Adrenark Adventure Park offers an unparalleled entertainment experience.

Recently Adrenark was crowned the “Family Entertainment Center of the Year” at the prestigious Park World Excellence Awards. “This award is a recognition to our talented team’s dedication and professionalism and confirms our commitment to meeting the client’s highest requirements for fun, interactive, and immersive experience”, Ivaylo Sotirov, Sales Director at Walltopia.

Design Excellence and A Kaleidoscope of Attractions

Adrenark Adventure is a prime example of space utilization and eye-catching design with a focus on seamless transitions between a wide variety of attractions. The genius of Adrenark’s design lies in its circular layout. Central structures anchor the space, creating a sense of motion and a desire to explore. From the Fun Walls that greet visitors at the entrance to the Rollglider lines that offer thrilling speeds and breathtaking views at of the entire complex, every element has been meticulously planned.

Stepping into Adrenark is like entering a world where every corner beckons with promise and thrill. Immediately after the registration area, the vibrant Fun Walls are the first to catch the eye. Standing at 8m height, these interactive climbing walls are a magnet for kids. All of the company’s portfolio bestsellers are included, designed with vibrant and engaging climbing surfaces that test kids’ skills, strength, and problem-solving abilities.

The Fun Walls seamlessly transition into classic Climbing Walls reaching 11m height, embodying Walltopia’s DNA. For those seeking a bit more challenge, 11 climbing routes await. Ascending the structures, conquering the holds, ledges, and challenging features with varying difficulty levels, climbers of all skill sets will be completely satisfied.

Next is the Via Ferrata which offers 19 obstacles on a 72m long track, providing horizontal climbing thrills. Brace yourself for the ultimate test of strength and coordination as you navigate ropes, ladders, and walls. Its traversing reveals a breathtaking view of the entire site. Going down at the end of the route is done through the 7.80m-high Abseil line.

The line bridges the entrance to the Cave, where you get a helmet and protectors and embark on an exploration of prehistoric fossils and cave formations. The two-level exploration routes make a total of 95m long tunnel system, including Spider Web, Stalactite, Fossil, and Ancient Life chambers along the way. The crawling tunnels are between 75cm and 95cm in diameter – not recommended for those dreading tight spaces. The experience is a total immersion in realistic cave environments, complete with special effects and interactive elements.

Perhaps the most thrilling of all is the Dual Line Rollglider. The speed extreme Rollglider by Walltopia offers the ultimate airborne adventure. The attraction features two interconnected lines with Walltopia’s latest extreme electric trolleys. The two interconnected lines offer players the option to compete with each other, reaching speeds up to 25km/h on a 165m long flight.

In the center of all this is the three-level Ropes Course. With 30 platforms and 49 different obstacles on three levels, suspended and self-standing, it promises challenge for all ages. The lower Kiddy Platform is at 3.90m height and is suitable for kids up to 6 yrs., while the 2nd and 3rd levels offer rising difficulty for older kids and adults, so everybody will find their challenge. Conquering suspended obstacles, climbing, crawling, and balancing on ropes and cables, the Ropes Course is a great test for your balance and agility.

Last but not least, you reach one of the most popular fun products — the Slides. The two 20m long Slides, equipped with Polycarbonate transparent windows, promise joyous descents. The strategically placed LED lights create captivating designs, enhancing your ride.

From challenge to success

With its creations in Adrenark Walltopia managed to blend a range of active entertainment products achieving a great variety and maximum capacity of the space.

“We are immensely proud of the hard work and dedication that went into this exciting and challenging project. And we are grateful to Al Barakah Holding for the opportunity and their unwavering trust in making it a reality”, says Ivaylo Sotirov, Sales Director at Walltopia.

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