From Fun Walls and Rollgliders to Playgrounds and Trampolines – Walltopia extends its Active Entertainment portfolio

Today, we’re meeting with Magdalena Markova, one of the Product Managers at Walltopia. Maggy oversees the product management of eight of Walltopia’s Active Entertainment products, including trampolines. Recently, she has assumed responsibility for their new product line – Walltopia Playgrounds.

What brought you to the extension of the Active Entertainment line with playgrounds?

Magdalena: In recent years, Family Entertainment Centers have noticeably shifted their preferences towards unharnessed activities. The playground area offers the perfect way to create fun for visitors and at the same time lower maintenance costs and number of operators.

In August 2022, we introduced the Net Maze, an innovative, easy-to-operate unharnessed product suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It was very well received among our clients.
So far, the Net Maze has been installed in various settings, including classic FECs, schools, adventure parks, stadiums, public pools, and outdoor parks. While these nets are typically used for sports and fun in most locations, we’ve also developed a design to allow adults to unwind and socialize on the net.

How do clients fit this attraction in their space? Do they cater to younger children only?

Magdalena: Not necessarily. Most of our clients prefer to cater to as many age groups as possible and so they add harnessed attractions like the Ropes Course, Fun Walls and Rollglider, which they use to make their space stand out from the local entertainment centers and then they fill the rest of the space with unharnessed attractions. Walltopia Playgrounds are the perfect way to increase the venue capacity while optimizing the space utilization.

What do you envision for the new line of products?

Magdalena: We believe there is significant room for improvement in the playground industry and we are committed to driving that change. We want to create mini fantasy worlds for kids, where they can unleash their imaginations outdoors while developing their physical and social abilities.
We can achieve this by adding thematizations and connecting the different products we offer such as Cloud Climb, Slides, Net Maze, Trampolines and Adventure Trail houses and tunnels.

We have already released some of the models that we are developing, which include Soft Play, Bloc Play, Puff Play and Signature Playgrounds, and we plan to develop many more variations of these models for both indoors and outdoors use. We are currently working on some completely new models such as curved net playgrounds, slide towers and mobile rearrangeable playgrounds. The design possibilities are endless.

What do you think is the next step for Walltopia Active Entertainment products?

Magdalena: We are expanding our market presence, venturing into sectors such as ski resorts, zoos, airports, and public spaces. Furthermore, by integrating interactive elements into each attraction, we aim to encourage the competitive element in kids’ play. Walltopia is also designing every product with an emphasis on Do-It-Yourself assembly and modular components, ensuring clients can readily enhance and expand their attractions in the future.

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