A Glimpse into Walltopia Active Entertainment creations in Nomad Entertainment Center

Walltopia Net Maze, Adventure Train, Ropes Course, Rollglider, Fun Walls and Cloud Climb in Nomad Entertainment, Kuwait

Nomad Entertainment – a family entertainment center located in Hawally, Kuwait, is where playtime dreams come true in the most extraordinary way. It is also a pinnacle of our Active Entertainment creations in Kuwait. Walltopia is the designer and manufacturer of almost all of the attractions, which cover the adventure needs of all age groups – from toddlers to adults. The design is an excellent example of optimal space utilization providing 3200 sqm of maximum fun activities with a total hourly capacity of 532 ppl. What is fascinating is how the different attractions are connected with each other and form a harmonious vibrant space packed with a variety of fun experiences.

The possibilities for fun for the whole family are endless:

Electrical Rollglider with a capacity of 60ppl/h: The Rollglider is a roller coaster-zipline that delivers the feeling of free flying in a completely safe environment. Offering the sensation of free-flying, this 103m ride takes you through a LED-lit tunnel with a speed of 11 km/h.

Interconnected Adventure Trail with 4 houses and fun exit through a slide. Adventure Trails are elevated playgrounds that allow participants to experience the thrill of heights without the need of a harness. Its tunnels of nets and obstacles are a great way to diversify any entertainment center and deliver unique emotions in a safe environment.

The two-level Ropes Course with a capacity of 32 ppl offers a fun way to test your strength, agility, and courage with the option of a lower easier level and a more challenging level at 5,30m.

Trampolines with 11 beds: trampolines are a new extension of the active entertainment product portfolio of Walltopia. They have evolved from simple jumping mats to a wide range of different games and obstacles for the ultimate dose of fun.

Cloud Climb with 32 steps and a Net Maze: Designed especially for kids aged 4 to 14, these unharnessed attractions offer a blend of classic playground vibes with modern twists. Whether it’s the feeling of hopping from one cloud to another or navigating through a safe yet thrilling net maze, the young ones are bound to have a blast.

A huge Soft Play section with capacity of 26 ppl and 7 obstacles creates a real playing paradise for the youngest guests. Playgrounds are a recent extension to the firm’s product line, which aim to create mini fantasy worlds for the kids, where their imagination takes flight while at the same time developing their physical and social abilities.

FunWalls for the kids: With over 30 variations of Fun Walls set in vibrant, mood-lifting colors, kids are bound to fall in love with climbing.

A Kids Boulder Climbing Wall with a capacity of 14 ppl finishes the toddler development area. The Kids boulder, reaching 3,65m height, is the perfect place to train kids’ climbing skills.

With this huge array of attractions fitting neatly into a wholesome physical entertainment experience, the Nomad Entertainment Center is the perfect place to have a day well spent with the whole family. It is a great example of how we have evolved from climbing-focused activities to a true turnkey provider for active entertainment attractions.

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