How to Transform Shopping Malls into Bustling Destinations with Walltopia Attractions

In the competitive realm of the retail industry innovation, differentiation is more important than ever. The traditional shopping malls are already gone. New anchor points are needed as modern consumers seek unique mall experiences, not just shopping. Our goal is to solve this major challenge in the retail industry: How to increase footfall and dwell time at the shopping mall.

Transforming from Shopping Mall to Community Hub

As e-commerce grows, malls must embrace retail venue diversification to stay relevant and bring back customers to the physical place. By creating an arena to meet, spend time together and actively entertain themselves, malls can deliver the only thing people cannot get online – experience. Transforming from places for shopping to vibrant community hubs and becoming part of the fabric of society again, will mean not only more footfall for malls, but will also make them indispensable. This transformation is crucial for shopping mall revitalization.

With fitness and wellness becoming a lifestyle habit for many, especially the millennials, the demand for physical entertainment attractions on the rise. Millennials, now with families and significant buying power, are health-conscious and keen on family-friendly mall attractions. In the midst of the global health and exercise obsession and the mounting evidence against “screen time”, they place great importance on physical activities, strive to spend more time with their kids and are more devoted than ever to get their kids to be active. So, the attractions in the mall can be the perfect opportunity to spend time together being active, promoting both health and fun.

New Anchor Point

Attractions provide unique experiences, making malls a destination rather than just a shopping venue. When a mall offers engaging experiences that cater to diverse interests and promote family bonding, it effectively creates new anchor point. Incorporating interactive attractions into a mall’s layout can effectively stimulate consumer spending in a multitude of ways. Attracting a wider clientele, particularly families with children, is a natural consequence, fostering extended dwell times. Together-time spent meaningfully and joyfully builds a real connection between guests and the shopping mall which brings them back repeatedly.

Walltopia Adventure Retail Concepts

Since 2012 we have successfully developed the widest portfolio of active entertainment attractions, offering a combination of great design, functionality, capacity and efficient operation. Our portfolio includes 16 products ranging from cost-effective solutions to premium offers, which efficiently utilize unused or odd-shaped spaces in retail venues.

The Tree Course

Imagine an attraction that is not just a ropes course but a visually captivating work of art. The Tree Course is a one-of-a-kind attraction with multiple functions that will enhance the public area and utilize the vertical space. Mirroring nature’s grandeur, the Tree Course draws attention and admiration from everybody. A masterpiece attraction is a wise investment in the diversification of the mall’s revenue and in creating added value for customers. The captivating design and scale will ensure repeat visits and longer stay at the mall. Its unique design will make perfectly engaging content to boost online presence organically – turning into a social media star.

With its 1 to 3 levels of up to 96 obstacles of varying difficulty, the Tree Course guarantees thrills and fun on every visit. The height and the level of difficulty makes it more physically and mentally demanding. And the lift-accessible viewing decks add another layer of fun experience for all age groups and family members.

It offers a variety of climbing routes and has the best multidirectional layout, with the possibility to be single or multilevel. The concept behind the parallel lines’ design is that one is simpler for kids to navigate, while the other presents a more difficult path for adults. This guarantees a customized experience for adults and children alike. You can choose to add more gamification and make both lines equally difficult if you want to include a competitive element. The Family Hex has a modular design that enables both vertical and horizontal growth, just as the Unharnessed Hex. The course may be modified to accommodate various color schemes and themes, making sure it fits in well with its surroundings.

Fun Walls

Fun Walls are interactive climbing walls that engage both children and adults in the challenge of climbing and the fun of play. They have all features needed to boost repeated visits – they offer an exciting activity that engages kids, an innovative design that stands out and an alternative to outdoor physical experiences. Fun Walls are perfect in enhancing cognitive development in children and challenging their balance, coordination, and agility. They are also suitable for beginner climbers and for kids as young as 4 years.

Walltopia Fun Walls kids climbing challenges in Water Meadows LEisure Complex in Mansfield, UK
Water Meadows Leisure Complex in Mansfield, UK

Over 70 models of vibrant colors and unique features have been designed. The add-on option of the Self Belay eases operation and lowers necessary staff. You can service up to 20 people per hour with just one wall and revive the lively spirit of your shopping mall. The new Fit-in range allows installation by the customer, without the involvement of our technical team. This reduces the overall costs by up to 35%, giving flexibility and more efficient planning.

Kids Attractions

Kids attractions cater to kids’ innate desire to climb and explore, and create an exciting and memorable experiences. They are essential in retail venues as they attract families and effectively allow parents more shopping time. Playgrounds are a fun and safe space for the smallest visitors. Our lines include different models like the Soft Play, Puff Play, Bloc Play, Signature Playgrounds. They can be combined and themed with other unharnessed attractions like Slides, the Adventure Trail, or Cloud Climb.

The Adventure Hub

The Adventure Hub is an anchor attraction that integrates many products in one installation with a common visual theme. If the space allows several attractions can be easily combined to form an exciting Adventure Hub including for example a Ropes Course, an Electric Rollglider, and a Net Maze. With its captivating design and the activities for children and adults alike, the Adventure Hub can become the anchor point of your shopping center. It is set to attract people to spend longer time there repeatedly.

El Eden Shopping Mall, Colombia
Electric Rollglider

The Electric Rollglider is а premium attraction which can easily be installed under ceilings and around other attractions – ideal for utilizing space. It is a new generation aerial roller coaster designed to satisfy thrill-seekers and allow them to safely soar in the skies. It brings superior value to the location with its adrenaline-inducing ride of up to 30 km/h with a capacity of up to 60 people per hour.


Another version of the Rollglider – Jump&Run is a thrilling and physically challenging adventure race that combines a dual-line racing Rollglider track with obstacles inspired by adventure courses. The ultimate goal is for every participant to get a taste of what it’s like to be a real-life video game hero.


Caves have very flexible design which allows them to be squeezed into any empty and unused space. The wide variety of obstacles and features lets you turn the speleology adventure into a physical challenge, learning experience or treasure hunt. The gamification option adds an extra interactivity.

Ninja Course

Ninja Courses are high and low ropes courses and aerial trails that deliver the thrill of heights while challenging balance, flexibility, strength and courage in an amusing way. It is a fresh take on standard exercise, providing both a full body work-out and an activity that can be enjoyed solo or competitively.


To conclude, whatever the current situation of the retail venue is, investing in attractions is a great solution for increased footfall and a boost in overall revenue. It is time retail venues get re-invented to fit in the experience economy and investing in the appropriate attraction can be the decisive step in this direction.

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