Walltopia’s latest Ropes Course Configurations: A Blend of Innovation and Great Design

Walltopia Ropes Course Circle 2 levels

This year we launched three new Ropes Course configurations that can give unique experience, extra boost and special look to any adventure venue.

In today’s digital age, where virtual experiences often overshadow physical activities, Ropes Courses come as a refreshing way to reconnect to your body, nature and others. Apart from being a great test to flexibility, balance, and strength, all in a safe environment, they can be an exciting way of socializing and family bonding. And this is exactly what we want to offer to the clients.

The Ropes Courses are versatile, fitting seamlessly into various business and operating concepts. The different configurations cater to diverse needs—from amusement to sports training, to educational ventures. Whether it is a recreational offer in public parks, enhancing the experience of a FEC, introducing a summer attraction in a winter sports region, or adding a unique feature to a shopping center, the Ropes Course is an excellent option to attract and retain more visitors to any venue.

The Circle Ropes Course: a spectacular design

The Circle Ropes Course (picture above) is our first-of-its-kind offering. Its unique circular form is not just a design marvel but also a testament to our dedication to safety and user experience. This configuration uses a completely new safety system with trolleys, which makes the operation easier and the experience smoother and even more enjoyable.

As with the other configurations, the Circle Ropes Course can easily get connected to a special Zip Rail, which represents a combination of Zip Line and Rollglider experience. It is an innovation that we are gearing up to unveil soon. The combination promises a seamless and exhilarating experience for participants.

The Unharnessed Hex: Freedom and Safety Combined

In recent years, Family Entertainment Centers have noticeably shifted their preferences towards unharnessed activities. Having no mechanical components and no need of harnessing, they are the perfect solution for a children’s attraction. The unharnessed models are designed to cater to participants as young as five, making them a great bonding activity for families.


The Unharnessed Hex is a great stand-alone attraction, especially for kids. It has the highest guests-to-footprint ratio. The design can be single level or multi-level. The modular design allows for easy horizontal and vertical expansion, making it adaptable to various spaces. Its most significant advantage is the freedom of movement – without any personal protective equipment, ensured by the safety nets surrounding the course. This also means lower number of operational staff.

The layout is multi-directional, providing varied climbing routes. The exit is through a slide: an extra fun and memorable finish for kids. The course comes in various standard color combinations, with custom theming possibilities available to suit different environments.

Family Hex Ropes Course: Fostering Interaction

Everyone may enjoy a little adventure at the Family Hex Ropes Course, which enables kids and adults to rediscover the benefits of physical activity together.
Its two parallel lines of obstacles allow adults and children to participate at the same time. This design encourages communication, which makes it a great option for families seeking an adventure together.


It offers a variety of climbing routes and has the best multidirectional layout, with the possibility to be single or multilevel. The concept behind the parallel lines’ design is that one is simpler for kids to navigate, while the other presents a more difficult path for adults. This guarantees a customized experience for adults and children alike. You can choose to add more gamification and make both lines equally difficult if you want to include a competitive element. The Family Hex has a modular design that enables both vertical and horizontal growth, just as the Unharnessed Hex. The course may be modified to accommodate various color schemes and themes, making sure it fits in well with its surroundings.

Add-Ons: Elevating the Experience

There is a wide variety of add-ons to enhance the adventure experience. These add-ons, which range from walk-the-plank and free-fall gadgets to giant swings, viewing platforms, and shade canopies, will help to attract higher attention and bring in more revenue.

Within the adventure attraction sector, we have continuously shown that we are dedicated to both innovation and high-quality consumer experiences. The newest Ropes Course configurations for 2023 promise fantastic offerings to enhance any adventure venue, with a focus on safety, functionality, and aesthetics.

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